What is it ?

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is characterized by a psychotic illness. People become interested in studying schizophrenia because of various reasons. Very many students report being interested in studying schizophrenia because of the movie ‘beautiful mind’ composed by Ron Howard. In this movie, there is a character of John Nash who begins seeing three people who are unreal when he joins graduate schools. He believes that the visions he has are real until when his wife who is a doctor of psychology intimates to him that what he is seeing is not real. John also developed another believe that he was working for a mysterious company in the US which designed a conspiracy project that caused him to be persecuted and fails to live a normal life. During and after treatment, John does not cease to have the unreal visions and these visions have disappeared in his life. In this movie, we find a direct expression that schizophrenia is some kind if brain damage disorder.

Those diagnosed with schizophrenia cannot be able to distinguish between that which is real and that which is imagined. Such happens to 90 per cent of schizophrenic population and most patients recorded to be schizophrenic after going through stressful events.

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?

  • Strange thoughts or beliefs with no basis on what is real (at times called delusions). For instance, a schizophrenic person might think they have extraordinary abilities.
  • Seeing, feeling, hearing and at times smelling things that do not exist. This is referred to as hallucinations. Schizophrenic people at times hear strange voices speaking to them.
  • In their conversations, you can tell schizophrenic people have jumping thoughts from one topic to another especially between topics that are unrelated. This is termed as disordered thinking and can make a conversation between a normal person and a schizophrenic individual difficult.
  • Schizophrenic people are not aware of the feelings of others
  • They show inappropriate behaviour like having to take off their clothes in a public place
  • They have zero interests in activities especially in social occasions that one should enjoy
  • They are most times anxious and depressed.

What to expect from schizophrenic people

People who are schizophrenia could turn into very violent people and could be harmful to themselves. To manage schizophrenia, it is advisable that the friends and family of the patient point out the symptoms at an early age and start early treatment so that recovery is short term. With recent studies, it has been very difficult to tell why schizophrenia can be difficult to treat and at the same time it is becoming more difficult to tell what kind of treatment suits what person.

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