Among the 25 cities in US research survey illustrates that the top 3 cities with the most aggressive drivers include Detroit, New York, and Dallas. Other people will say that their city needs to appear number as result of the attitude provided by the aspect of Road rage. There is no statistics that have existed on the aspect of road rage but according to the Traffic Highway Administration in US states that approximately a third of road crashes result from aggressive driving and automobile fatalities approximate to two thirds.

Then, why do normally patient people become impatient behind the wheel?

According to AAA, human beings are said to be territorial and the car signifies an extension of the aspect of territorial. A research study conducted in 2008 states that just like crave of sex human beings also crave for violence. These are some of the simple factors that would actually make patient people becoming impatient behind the wheel.

American citizens are very proud on the aspect of Road rage in fact, the whole notion originated from America according to a research study conducted by AAA. Road rage is term that is ever asserted over the last few decades; and is it really changing?

Road rage has evolved with different surveys conducted by AAA on motorists asserting that tailgating and talking on cell phones while driving result to the biggest complaints and grip on road rage.

It is obvious that there is a significant difference between aggressive driving, lousy driving and finally road rage. Little aspects can highly escalate on the roads especially where drivers become little bit territorial. It is approximated that 65% of motorists assert on phone cell banning especially when driving.

Finally, researchers have concluded that drivers thinking that they do not have any issue with the aspect of anger behind the wheels are more exposed to danger and anger on the roads as compared to aggressive drivers. This involves the aspect of road rage as an overall initiative that needs to be considered in order to reduce aggressive behaviors on the roads that result to massive fatalities and accidents.