Should thin people have to pay Medicare and other health costs for the health problems of obese people? Should obese people have higher premiums?

Obesity and weight loss is a subject that has been approached and analyzed in different aspects in US.  Obesity cases in US have increased tremendously over the last few years. When you visit different sites that offer foods, you will automatically conclude that obesity and weight loss is a common term.

Obese people have tried to lose weight through different approaches, for instance eating low-calorie foods, taking exercises and medical prescription. But is it a choice of an individual in becoming obese.

Well according to many researchers, illustrate that obesity occurs as result of individuals irresponsibility in controlling the risks while lower cases have shown that obesity as a result of health disorders.

Therefore, if we view obesity and weight loss as a notion of individual irresponsibility, then why do we have to make thin people pay Medicare and other healthcare costs for obesity and weight loss notions? When an individual is becoming obese as result of irresponsibility then the same should not be enhanced to individuals who care about the risks associated with irresponsible behaviors enhancing to obesity.

This means that thin people should not be subjected to Medicare payments for obese people; this is like encouraging the aspect of obesity.  If the government needs to control the overall initiative of obesity and weight loss, incurring insignificant payments on other people, is not an effective strategy. In fact, such people should pay for their own Medicare since they understand the risks associated with obesity.

Obesity and weight loss require a lot of finances; therefore, the government should formulate an effective strategy of funding the obese people and not include other people in the overall funding.

Why should a person simply because she is thin pay for such Medicare, does it mean that these individuals are lucky in not getting into obesity and weight loss initiatives or is it a strategy of making obese people in becoming more obese simply because of the Medicare assistance.

Well, if we understand the aspect of obesity and weight loss in terms of an individual responsibility then we would not count in the thin people to pay for Medicare for such individuals.