How do men and women communicate differently using body language, and why does it matter (in dating, the workplace, social circles)?

Non verbal communication and verbal communication include the two types of communication inhibited by human beings. Comparing between the two types of communication, nonverbal communication is ambiguous and immediate as compared to verbal communication. Females and males differ in the way they enhance nonverbal communication especially in interpreting different skills and meaning. Therefore it is important to understand the difference between male and female nonverbal communication by focusing on different aspects such as approaches on communication, skills, mannerisms and gestures.

The author of the book, “women are from mars and men form mars” Gray John asserts that one of the significant difference between women and men is enhanced through the nonverbal communication. Men communication approaches involve the transmission of specific information in order to solve a significant issue, on the other hand, women communication strategy involve the expression of different  feelings that enhance to the achievement of emotional intimacy. This means that women often apply the concept of nonverbal communication as compared to men.

Since women are better in nonverbal communication as compared to their male counterparts, they are very good in interpreting the signals of nonverbal. Website expert on Body Language asserts that women are effecting at reading nonverbal information that are unintentional for instance deception signals. In some cases, men can also send signals non verbally; they can only enhance the aspect with less subtlety as compared to women.

The aspect of nonverbal communication and differences of the notion between men and women has a high impact in specific areas such as dating, social circles and workplace. This is because, the difference between the two groups, asserts on a difference in enhancing the skills, and signal interpretation.

Nonverbal communication difference between men and women can create a misunderstanding between the two parties, especially when the communication is not enhanced effectively.  Both parties from different cultures can fail to cope up as a result of the nonverbal gestures or signal portrayals hence creating unsuitable condition for both the parties either in dating, workplaces or in social circles.