How much is too much noise? What, if anything, should we do to curb it?

It is true to say that man is poor in recognizing different agents causing diseases and when he recognizes these agents he becomes reluctant in avoiding them.

One of the significant disease causes is the endless noise pollution. It is true that noise pollution has certain effects on an individual health. Currently, World health organization stated that traffic noise impacts the health of an Individual;

in a study that they carried in Europe illustrated that approximately one-third of the people in Europe are impacted by traffic noise and one person among five was exposed to sound levels at night that has a high impact on the individual health.

As result of the high growth in the society, noise pollution is becoming uncontrollable. In United States, the Noise control Act in 1972 effectively protects individuals from noise that can impact the health but was later terminated in 1982 as a result of lack of funds.

With or without the noise pollution Act and on the other hand, provided with the effects of noise on our health, we can control noise pollutions. For instance, electronic machines for instance computers; television and game systems at our homes produce a lot of noise.

Therefore, it is significant to turn them off if we are not using them. Soundproofing our localities may at home in or in the workplace can be a good idea of reducing noise pollution. This can be effectively be done by installing carpets on the floors, installing soundproof windows.

There are certain cases whereby the neighbors can make a lot of noise at night and when you want to reduce such type of noises using the earplugs can be effective. This is one of the simplest methods for keeping your sleep undisturbed.

The aspect of noise pollution can start by enhancing your responsibility in reducing noise. If you understand what noise pollution can cause in your health, then you will probably understand why you need effective measures for reducing noise pollution.