The No child left behind is a policy that was developed by the former American President George W. Bush to ensure 100 % efficiency in maths and reading in schools. The No child Left behind Act was developed as result of exempting the gap between the less achieving students and the high achieving students. Many people still wonder whether the No child Left behind Act is still working. The No child left behind Act has empowered parents, teachers in strengthening the schools since; the act is responsible for ensuring that every child gets high quality education.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the No child Left behind Act, the NCLB measures its progress hence; ensures the implementation of the four significant elements constituted within the act.

  • The results of the students held responsible by the school
  • Providing flexibility on the approaches utilized by the schools in spending the federal funds
  • Application of different scientific research in enhancing classroom practice
  • Involving guardians on the progress of the children

The No Child Left behind Act has highly changed the way individuals or the society views public schools in United States and as result, increased the achievement performance of many public schools country wide. Since the teachers are held responsible for the students performance has enhanced to hard work among the teachers and the students to better performance.

Additionally, the funding of schools by the federal states have enhanced to the provision of quality education. The federal government is responsible to offering funds to the best performing public schools in USA and as a result encouraging public schools to perform better. These are different aspects initiated by the No Child Left behind Act that result to the effectiveness of public schools performance. Currently, the No Child Left behind Act is working since public schools are seen performing effectively

On the other hand, the No child policy has also discontinued the gap between the high achieving students and the low achieving students as a result of racial and cultural background. The provision of the No child left behind policy in schools has enhanced to effective school performance in US has enhanced equal education to all students regardless racial, ethical and cultural backgrounds.