“Skinny” is the word that everybody will think of when the idea of models is brought to mind. This can be as a result of the model’s industry demanding the slim body shapes. Different people have expressed that clothes look attractive when a slim and tall body wears them. But in some cases, the “skinness” of the models can be exaggerated and even becomes a worst case.

Therefore, despite the industry demands and the models looking attractive in slimy bodies, should there be a minimum weight for these models.

Every modeling industry will also demand slim figures for their shows that why when you view the victoria secrets show you will see all these slim figures at the show. But what happens when a specific industry presents models with underweight that equates to the clothes not fitting and the model looking so unhealthy. Probably people would not be attracted to the figure.

Well, modeling industries can demand on tall and slim models but I don’t think that they need underweight models. For a person to be called a model, there are certain characteristics that she or he should show to people, one is the beautiful presentation and two is the health presentation.

Imagine you were in a model show and then these underweight models walk in and you are like, as in seriously? Should it go to such an extent? Would you get the show’s message or will you be amazed by the extra skinny images walking in and out?

What I believe is that in any company that deals with models, health is a concept and cannot employ extra skinny people because not even the smallest size clothes can fit them. If they do so, they have to go to the designer to design the clothes again with their size.  Well, being underweight is an individual choice just like being obese is a person’s choice.

Therefore, it is significant to consider the risks associated with underweight. Being a model does not mean that you become extra skinny instead it should stipulate your individual beauty and health.

Of course, minimum weight should be enhanced as result of not illustrating unhealthy means to people and also break into a physical fir industry. Some people will think just the same way I think simply because of various reasons.

Models of underweight nature can present certain risks on their health a significant aspect that is not confidential to illustrate to people. Therefore as we reduce the high cases of obesity worldwide we should also focus on initiating the minimum weight in models.