what safety measures made the recent Canadian mining accident a non-casualty event, while recent U.S. mining accidents have been fatal?

Safety measures need to be considered in any mining industry. Violation of the safety measures regarding mining has extensively caused increased deaths in the mining industry. According to the recent Canadian mining accident that occurred in Nova Scotia by Westray Miners, was one of the worst mining accidents that have ever occurred in Canada. The mining accident occurred as result of an explosion of coal dusts and methane gas killing 26 miners.

According to autopsies and medical examinations, indicated that the bodies had died in seconds as a result of high carbon monoxide concentrations resulting in 20 seconds death.  Other body’s medical examinations illustrated death as a result of trauma from a blunt force that caused injuries, signs of burning and machinery compactions that had trapped the bodies. The Canadian police started the investigations into the explosion and the Westray coal managers were charged with operating the mining grounds with unsafe measures. The mining safety measures in regard to the Department of Nova Scotia Health and safety Act collided with the safety measures that had been enhanced by the Westray coal miners; signifying that the company did not follow the safety regulations in mining.

In the US, the recent mining disaster occurred in Western Virginia in the Upper Big Branch Mine in Birchton that killed 29 people. The disaster occurred as a result of mining coal and methane that exploded as a result of unknown circumstances. According to the Press Association, the fatality of the mining accident was enhanced by high emissions of methane and carbon monoxide that even took days to clear in order to conduct proper investigations. The safety conditions of the mining zone were not conducive for the miners hence; the investigations needed to wait for approximately two months.

After the investigators entered into the mines, released a report that the Massey Energy miners failed to meet the safety standards as outlined in the1977 mining Act hence causing the consequences of the mine. The fatality of the recent US cases has been enhanced by the Mining safety department failure of proposing a strategic safety measures regulations in Mining.