Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana?

Marijuana legalization is a notion that has brought different critics on its legalization and illegalization. Marijuana is considered as a drug that impacts the human body negatively, and in America, the notion of marijuana legalization still remains debatable. Considering the negative impacts that marijuana has on our young people and especially the youth then it is obvious we can consider the government failing to support marijuana legalization.

Opinion from the public has enhanced the different debate on marijuana legalization. The aspect of legalizing marijuana has enhanced a dramatic and long-term shift over the last few years. According to the recent survey asserts on 53% support and 44 oppose the aspect of marijuana legalization. The recent survey proposed a significant difference as compared to the 2006 survey whereby 32% supported and 60% opposed to marijuana legalization.

Ballots will be cast by different States in America on marijuana legalization but passing out the initiatives of the ballot with contradicting the federal law under schedule 1 of drugs substance control. States officials together with the federal authorities are still debating on marijuana legalization.

Marijuana legalization initiatives have created a public support especially in Washington where the law enforcement has effectively endorsed marijuana legalization. Supporters assert that taxing and regulating marijuana will have an effective impact on generating revenue to the nation.

The supporters argue that marijuana use considerable more than alcohol because it does not impact an individual negatively as compared to alcohol use. On the other hand, opponents argue that marijuana legalization will enhance dangerous misuse of the drug and the young people will be impacted by its application negatively. The opponents oppose the idea of marijuana legalization as result of the negative impacts enhanced by the drug. The proposals developed by Washington illustrate restriction of marijuana while driving and other states such as Colorado and Oregon do not include such rules.