When we consider the aspect of lead poisoning consequences on our children then every parent will assert that we need to stop importing manufactured Chinese toys. It is true that as a country we can’t stop trade but at the same time, we can’t import what is hazardous to our society.

China is considered the most influential country in the US economy and more so imports of Chinese toys is significant to the country, but the Chinese toys are equipped with lead poisoning. According to a recent statistics illustrated that approximately one-third of Chinese manufactured toys contain lead, a significant metal that is heavy and harmful to the US children.

Various toys ranges including children products sold by different brands contained cadmium, arsenic, mercury, Chromium, and lead. All these metals are harmful as they cause health risks related to a Childs immunity system and nervous stems.

According to the Diseases, prevention and control center in us made some warning remarks that lead exposure threshold is not safe hence, children should not be exposed to lead poisoning.

Greece peace and I-pen researchers campaigning against pollutants from chemical tested approximately 500 children products and toys from Chinese.

According to the tests results illustrated that 32% of the toys were tainted and a ring on a green toy contained more than one thousand lead that is not permitted under the safety standards of the European.

These toys contaminated with lead poisoning do not only enter the children’s body through chewing or torching but they can get into the nervous system through breathing as asserted by Greece peace campaigner Cheuk – san.

In the last decade, China toys have repentantly illustrated the aspect of toxic despite the different attempts of addressing the lead poisoning issue. The lead metals are applied in pigments or paint used in coloring the toys.