The issue of climate change as result global warming has always been debated. Consequences of climate change and issues on global warming have been manipulated by scientific researchers, opinions from the society, global leaders and the public in general. Many people still believes that the aspect of global warming is a myth while other concludes that climate changes play a significant role. The fact remains that global warming is an aspect but the whole issue is exaggerated.

Global warming is defined as the increase of temperature on the atmosphere as result of the green house gases such as ozone, methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Human activities result to climate change hence encompassing the issue of global warming attributed either indirectly or directly by human activities altering the global atmosphere composition.

There are different aspects that result from climate change and these includes, hot weathers in some parts of the world for instance in UK indicate that the aspect of global warming is becoming a threat to the world.  Other results of global warming that has enhanced different climatic changes involve ranging wildfires, flooding, droughts, and intensified hurricanes. concerns about the aspect of climatic change and issues of global warming has become a norm among the public, with different people forming opinions on climate change as result of global warming.

Not all people understand the aspects of global warming and the main contributors of global warming hence, some people believe that it is a myth while others exaggerate that the human activity have contributed to the aspect of global warming. All the arguments developed enhance to the issue of global warming as debatable.

It is true that the earth is significantly warming and as a result different scientific evidences indicate that the earth’s temperature is increasing significantly for the past century. Arguments developed on the extent of global warming do not provide evidence that human activities are the contributors of change. There is no doubt to say that human beings have highly contributed to climate change and as result clearance of land, air pollution have enhanced to global warming.