When we focus on what the government is proposing on the medical benefits to the Iraq war vets then we can conclude the overall arguments as a play game. Off course, the Iraq war vets are cheated on medical benefits. The American government had supported the notion of supporting the Iraq war vets with effective medical benefits but what is happening recently is that none of the Iraq war vets have seen the benefits promised.

Well does it mean that the government issued different promises that they could not fulfill or does it mean that the government has developed other insights of not offering the Iraq war vets with the medical field? Provided with the recent news on Iraq war, many of the soldiers went home with different injuries and as result of the high expenses on medical, they are not in a position to attain effective medical care.

Thousands of veterans possessing significant track records still do not understand the reason as to why the US government is denying them on providing medical benefits as a result of the post-Iraq war. Recently many wounded troops have been realized to their home and they need a lot of medical care but the medical benefits are not sufficient. We can say that the United States government is cheating on the medical benefits to the Iraq war vets?

According to the United States government argued on the notion of Iraq war vets and medical benefits and stated that the veterans had the personality disorders existing even before they joined in the war. This means that the government does not want to compensate the Iraq war vets hence needs to save the huge money.

If the government funds all Iraq war vets means that a lot of finances will be used, therefore, basing the argument as the veterans having a post-traumatic stress disorder provides a clear picture of the government cheating these people on medical benefits.

Many Iraq war vets require long-term treatments and support from the government is a beneficial aspect that enhances to handling the expensive medical treatment. The recent generation of the present Iraq war constituents of Iraq war vets diagnosed with physical and psychological disorders but the government is exempting on providing the required funds in order to gain the treatments.

Military doctors are discharging the Iraq war vets with misdiagnose offering the significant challenge for the injured Iraq war vets. The government has continuously over the last few years cheated the Iraq war vets on the benefits of the medicals in order to save the billions of dollars.