People waited eagerly to see the end results of the Iraq war, but it is surprising that the Americans did not propose any news on whether America won or lost the Iraq war. This can be answered effectively through different reaction of people in the streets that no excitements were seen neither did the government or president remark that America won the war.

Well, many of the Iraq soldiers are seen heading home yelling that they have won and President Obama asserting that they have ended the war responsibly.

America has been on Iraq war for approximately 14 years after the 9/11 attacks in September 2001. It is true that the Iraq soldiers after the long war have gained democracy but why did the American president acknowledge the defeat and state to the people that it lost in the Iraq war. Or is it hard to make people understand that America had lost, but what would happen if they won, obviously the whole world would have known?

But commenting on the aspect of we have neither lost nor does won, by Hamilton Lee democratic congressman from Indiana not make sense. But pulling the American troops out of Iraq and the Iraq soldiers being happy of the win stipulated that Americans lost largely.  But what is the measurement of success?

According to President Barrack Obama stated that withdrawing the US troops out of Iraq was a result of providing Iraq an effective environment for establishing a stable country.

The enormous costs provided to Iraq is significant as it will allow to the progression and stability of the country said by President Obama.  The overall contest of the Iraq war including news about the Iraq war, withdrawal of the American soldiers and at the same time the speech form the American president clearly illustrated that Americans lost on the war.