The notion of the federal government gaining the permit to regulate information on the internet has enhanced to a different debate. A Colombian professor in the law department described the aspect of net neutrality as a strategy and rule that has been in function over the last decade as an approach of keeping the internet free and open hence, degrading and blocking of websites is terminated. Internet regulation refers to the aspect of regulating some specific information assessment over the internet.

Well, don’t you think that internet regulation notion is limiting people the freedom to information access and if so, why should the government support internet regulation measures? This means that limiting our freedom to access some specific information is like interfering with our rights to freedom.

Internet regulation advocates that the Internet service providers have a significant incentive on economic in order to initiate anti-competitive measures towards the competitors and the customers. The fundamental truth is that by enhancing internet regulation, it would slow down the processes of innovation. Market failures such as these, have not been proposed and if consumers are harmed by the Internet service providers then consumer and competition protection laws would indicate a significant solution.

The net has been accessible over the last decade and after the privatization by the former American president BILL Clinton. It diverged worldwide from the control of the government hence, enhancing prosperity and freedom to the users. It has grown from 80,000 users in the late 1980 and today it approximates 3 billion users. According to Netflix manager, states that the Internet is a source of everything, well, if internet regulation is enhanced it will reduce the significance of the internet as a source of everything. This means that the internet is the greatest significance and enabling story that has initiated and boosted the economy of the world in different aspect.

Internet regulation will pose different insignificance, what would happen when you notice the internet does not provide the specific information that you would easily access before the internet regulation measures? Obviously, it would be frustrating, freedom for all is significant, and if the internet regulation measures are enhanced when we are getting retrieved from our freedom.

The Obama administration should consider the purpose and significance of the internet globally by understanding the freedom of information access before passing the internet regulation measures.