Members of the Congress together with the president are promoting different legislation on immigration that legalizes more than 10 million illegal immigrants in US. The debate has been enhanced on whether illegal immigrants should be made legal citizens. Focusing on the migrations history, it is true that during the 18th-century immigration in the US was not illegal, but in the 19th century, many aspects of immigration becoming illegal are significant.

Therefore, the president and the Congress have not concluded whether illegal immigrants should be made legal to citizens.

According to a Gallup poll in last year illustrated that 3% of Democrats, independents, and Republicans consider the legalization of immigration as a significant issue. Additionally, recent polls illustrated that Hispanics immigrants’ ranked immigration among the five subjects. Healthcare, economy, employment, and education were significant. Therefore, it is significant for the Congress to focus on the aspects of Immigration on the fundamentals of the American people but not care about or politics.

Employment is a significant issue in Immigration and legalization of the immigration reform that permits the immigrants to work in the US hence, hurting the American citizens in facing competition as a result of job scarcity.

According to the Congressional Budget office, illustrates that the unemployment level of black American is 12% and Hispanic is 8% hence, the wages in America are effectively depressed by the flooding of the labor market.
It is true that the aspect of immigration legalization has great impacts on taxpayers.

According to the Foundation of Heritage states that the total taxpayer net costs per every illegal immigrant approximate to 28,000 households. Immigrants in low skilled jobs will have a high impact on the security social trust fund.

It is true that legalization would effectively treat the illegal immigrants better than those violating with the rules, in turn, it is not a fair aspect to those people following the rules and watch the breakers of the law get rewarded. Therefore, if the Obama government thinks that by legalizing the Immigrations aspects is a significant aspect of solving illegal immigrants, then it is obvious that it is the last attempt that the government can include in solving illegal immigration as the aspect will increase remarkably.