A hybrid car is basically a car that is powered by two or more engines. Most hybrid cars have at least an electric engine plus a conventional engine that is either powered by diesel or petrol plus a pack of rechargeable batteries.  Hybrid vehicles are mostly associated with the use of electrical energy as the primary alternative fuel; however, hybrid vehicles have other available options including natural gases as well as propane. As such the right definition follows that a hybrid car is a vehicle that has an engine that is capable of switching between an alternative fuel source and a fossil energy.

Basically, the whole essence of hybridization is to save energy and that is the case with lots of compacts and sedans. The battery avails much of the energy for electric motors; nonetheless, the engine is capable of generating its own power with the aid of gasoline in the fuel tank. Generally, hybrid cars are compounded with the best features of electric cars plus combustion engine. The combination allows the electric motor to effectively utilize the gasoline engine more efficiently thus cutting down on the usage of fuel.

There has been much emphasis on hybrid cars in recent times. Most people prefer it since it is in most cases widely regarded to be convenient.  Unlike electric cars, hybrid cars do not limit your driving range. Instead, it gives one the ability to drive for miles using less fuel. Conventional vehicles ordinarily utilize gasoline or diesel to power the internal combustion engine. Similarly, hybrid cars also utilize internal combustion engine. In essence, hybrid cars are typically fuelled like traditional cars.

However, the only difference is that unlike traditional cars, hybrid cars can be partly or completely powered byelectricity. Since hybrid cars utilize both electric and gasoline engines they are capable of achieving much efficiency in fuel consumption in comparison to conventional cars. Implicitly, this means that a driver can save more on fuel costs whilst also managing environmental pollution because hybrid cars do not at all release hazardous gases into the atmosphere. Upscale hybrid cars contain features that allow them to charge their batteries from an outlet that enables the driver to drives on electricity power for miles before reverting to use gasoline energy. Moreover, hybrid cars incorporate regenerative braking technology that enables the wheel to slow down whilst converting produced mechanical energy into electrical energy and storing it back to the battery.

Besides, the above, regenerative braking technology also provides extra power to climb up hills by shutting the engine off when the vehicles stops and restarting when the accelerator is pressed. For instance, Toyota Prius has the capability of switching between electric and gasoline engine. Primarily, the car is fitted with electric motor that powers the car when moving at slow speeds. At high speeds, the car shifts to gasoline engine which becomes the cars workhorse. When there is need to shift to extra speed both engines simultaneously work together to give the car the extra boost it requires.

In sum, the aim of the hybrid car systems is to provide the driver with the benefits of both fuel worlds. It brings together the range and power of regular engines and ecological benefits of electric motor engines. At low speeds and startups, hybrid cars exclusively run on electric power. This implies no fuel and no gas emissions. When accelerating, the petrol engine is in charge of driving the wheels of the car whilst transmitting power to the generator which in turn recharges the electric motor’s batteries.

Hence, the electric motor gives you much power whilst minimizing fuel consumption. Moreover, while the hybrid car is braking and decelerating, the hybrid system employs kinetic energy from the brakes, turning the wheels while converting it into electrical energy and then funnels it to the battery pack where it is stored for later use. Ultimately, besides the latter, the battery in hybrid cars can be recharged as many times through a household plug. So, in essence, almost all features in a hybrid cars work together to enhance energy consumption.