Most developed nations have universal health coverage. Why doesn’t the U.S., the wealthiest nation, have it?

US is currently facing different health care crisis as result of poor concentration on the quality of health care access to the citizens. Provided with notion of US and the achievement it has made in all its aspects of functioning, it is unbelievable that the nation being one of the developed countries does not have health coverage.

In order to understand this; consider the following survey by Commonwealth of developed countries. US fell again as the last nation in offering the most effective health care system with Australia booming number one. US ranked the last as a result of health care crisis that have enhanced ineffectiveness and inequity to health care access. According to the survey submitted by Common wealth fund, illustrates that a higher number of residents living in US skip medical care as result of high expenses. Approximately 35% of US citizens don’t pay a visit to the health care or seek for medical care since the expenses are too highly. This is because, US among the wealthiest  countries has allowed health care crisis to befall the people as result of lacking to employ effective health care insurance to the population.

A report illustrated that American citizens use a lot of finances on health care more than other wealth nations hence, resulting to health care crisis. Despite the fact that the cost of health care in America is too high, the amount does not result to quality health care.

People all over the world assert that US offer the best medical care as compared to other wealthy countries and seek treatment from the US. But coming to US, they find health care crisis befalling the country leading to costly health care systems and hence don’t get the best medication. Therefore, the faith based approach that US health care systems are most effective interferes with the countries ability to articulate the dynamism and prevention of  health care crisis.

The fundamental meaning of the overall debate is that US is enhanced with different healthcare crisis and does not even offer health care coverage to  people like other wealthy countries. The Government is supposed to oversee the insignificance caused by health care crisis resulting from lack of issuing the citizens with health care coverage. Provided the fact that US issued health care coverage, some of the health care crisis would probably deteriorate and hence, enhance quality health care that is not incurred with high costs.