In some European schools, fewer than 10% of students get A’s. Is there grade inflation in the U.S.? Why so many A’s for Americans?

The awarding of different grades in European schools is strict as compared to United States school. This is because of the grade inflation utilized in United States. The issue on grade inflation has been significant in United States as a result of institutional administrators asserting on conducting the assessment outcomes with different statistical analysis that enhance to alarming aspects.

There is an increase in the average grades with clear illustration of the GPA of some students courses illustrating that the grade have increased remarkably in U.S hence, many students expecting high grades in  their courses. In fact, many students get A’s and B’s in most of their subjects hence, a student receiving a C is regarded as less satisfactory performance.  As a result of the grade inflation, there are so many A’s in America schools.

The main aspect initiated by the grade inflation in institutions is lowering of the standards and requirements of specific courses that need effective analysis of grades. Therefore, if the standards of grades are becoming low then the significance of the course may also change and value becomes less. This leads to low qualification and preparation of the students.

It is important to consider the significance of grades; not all students are expected to get an A’. Grades specify an approach that reflects the capability of a student in terms of background and knowledge acquired in class.

Why should students be given grade A’s when they the ability and capability does not match with grade A? additionally, grades reflect the failure and success of the instructor, this does not mean that it is imperative to give students grade A when they are supposed to get a grade C to secure the instructors success.

In European countries, students are provided with the significant grades in accordance to their performance signifying that the aspect of grade inflation is not an aspect utilized in educational institution. That is why, very few students get grade A’s because the grades are provided in accordance to their capability assessment of the specific course. Unlike U.S where many students get A’s, Students are supposed to be provided with the specific grades according to their assessment tests capabilities.