Not sure of what you want to do in college or academic grid is making you tired or may be, you want time to explore different interesting careers; A gap year is important in such a case.

A gap year between high school and college enhance productivity in teens. In the passages below discusses the reason as to why teens in US should adopt the British custom of taking a gap year.

A gap year is defined as welcome break that is provided to students in order to under take different activities while they wait to join college.

The British custom of taking a gap year has effectively illustrated significance to many of the students joining the college. Such students are in a position to plan on what they want in life in terms of choosing careers and even gain experiences in the specific careers they want to study. While joining the college, they are prepared psychologically on what is expected academically in order to pursue the specific career.

Well, it is true that many parents want their teens to involve in a college or a university, but it would be imperative if they consider on giving the teens some break “gap year” to decide on what they want in life and plan their college life effectively. In U.S many teens fail to under take the gap year as a result of peer pressure, school pressure and parental pressure hence, involving in a college immediately.

Considering the few students who take the gap year, effectiveness is enhanced as a result of such students preparing psychologically in what they want to do in life. Taking a gap year before college assists the teens to understand two significant aspects that include the teen viewing his or her life and the world surrounding the teen.

There are different opportunities that can be utilized during the gap year and the most significant element includes planning. Opportunities such as volunteer ship and internship can be rewarding to teens taking their gap years. Perusing through books, college programs and even talking to a counselor on future careers and achievements can be significant.