Steroids. Antibiotics. Sprays. Are food manufacturers killing us?

Meat balls, tacos burgers and many others include the foods we always want to eat while we are dying of hunger. But have we ever thought of how these foods are manufactured. Well, many will assert that the ingredients components are usually included. I enjoy meat balls and I purchase my food from the supermarket but shockingly I came to understand and hated the type of foods manufacturers gave us.

According to ABC news, proposed that 70% of beef provided by the supermarkets contains different antibiotics and spray. This is shocking; the word used contained in ground beef was “Pink slime” that is spayed with ammonia to the meat. Then, are we supposed to blame the supermarket or the manufacturers? While looking at my beef that I purchased from the supermarket, I came to wonder that not even in the ingredients components illustrates “Pink slime”. Actually the ideas of the ingredients were high protein and energy that looks very imperative to my health. But, why should we allow manufactures to kill us slowly when we understand that steroids, antibiotics and sprays are harmful to our health? This is when I stopped purchasing ground beef from the supermarket.

FDA is responsible for the type of contents included in manufactured foods but some of them are very harmful to the consumer’s health. Although they assert that the components are not harmful to the foods we take simply because they do not kill immediately but as time goes we will be dying in large number.

I have also come to wonder whether these are the type of poisonous additives added to our children foods. Well if this is the case, then we are raising unhealthy nation.  We need natural foods not included with steroids, antibiotics and sprays that can harm our health

The sale and purchase of steroids, antibiotics and sprays have become profit making zones. This is because of the over reliance of foods manufacturing companies needing the contents in order to formalize the foods manufacturing processes. Such contents have enhanced the epidemic of over feeding that has resulted to health complicated issues. Concerns have been enhanced on the foods manufacturing industries on changing the tastes of various foods through the application of harmful chemicals in order to raise the consumers appetite. Raising the consumer appetite means more purchases but why kill the consumers when you need them? I think food manufacturing companies needs to include effective strategies of ensuring that the customers maintain health in order to continue buying the products rather than killing the customers with poisonous foods additives. Where will they get profits when they decide to kill all the customers?

The fact that industrial foods have enhanced to effective sustenance of human population does not mean that we need to allow industrial foods to reduce our population. Different transformations have been enhanced with man quitting from utilizing family farm foods to manufactured foods. The new developed trend of buying manufactured foods is incurred with dangers of poisonous substances in the foods that impact health nutrition of an individual.

Moreover, it is that simple, we need to understand what kind of contents included in our foods that we consume and buy from the supermarkets. Instead, on indicating, high protein, low calories, carbohydrates and so on, there is also need to know how the foods are manufactured and the poisonous substances added in the foods in order we cannot blame the manufactures for killing us slowly but making a choice of killing ourselves slowly. .