Of course children should be required to say the Pledge of Alliance in schools. As long as you are an American citizen, respecting the American flag and saying the Pledge of Alliance is a duty and a responsibility. The American flag represents national attachment, patriotism and nationalism. The pledge of allegiance is what constituents the flag; teaching school children on how to be patriotic and enhance unity in America is important.

Unity cannot be enhanced if school children don’t respect the American flag and the pledge of Alliance. Is there a reason as to why children should not be required to say the pledge of Allegiance in schools? Raising the American flag high and saying the Pledge of Allegiance by students teaches the aspects of unity, patriotism and nationalism. When students understand the words associated with the Pledge of Allegiance; acknowledges the significance of the American Flag.

The American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance propose respect to the fallen American soldiers. In fact, students allowed to say the Pledge of Alliance come to understand the historical backgrounds of the fallen soldiers hence, always respect country. Pledging of the American flag by the students illustrates that they make national and patriotic oath to the country.

People die for America and the best thing we can offer is to say the pledge of Alliance to signify unity hence, it is imperative to teach our children on the significance of saying the Pledge of Alliance and what the American flag signifies. In this way, we create unity, peace and strong bond within the American society.

On the other hand, the American government is responsible for school children, offers support and ensures that the children gain equal rights. Then, how can the school children show appreciation? By saying the Pledge of Alliance that promotes, love, unity and peace in country; the Pledge of Alliance indicates an oath that has to be followed by every American citizen. This implies that we should allow the saying of the Pledge of Alliance in school since children learn on respecting the American flag as a significant icon to the country.