Should company allow employees to exercise on work time?

Healthy Employees equal to High performance; the need for increasing employee productivity, exercises during work time will automatically work? Should company allow employees to exercise on work on time? If this question is posed to the managers the answer would be wasting time in indulging employees in fitness programs

Many managers have strategized in unhelpful approaches to increasing the employee’s productivity. Employee compensations can increase productivity but fitness programs are more effective and long-term processes that can enhance employee productivity in an organization. Different research conducted stipulate that it is significant for managers to allow the employees to exercise on work time, this is because working out relaxes the mind and the body hence, increases productivity more than the way compensations can work. Approximately two hours in fitness programs conducted by employees signifies a regular working structure as opposed to employees without the inclusion of exercises

Different studies have also illustrated that providing time for the employees to carry out significant fitness programs during work time has linked the aspect of productivity and employee engagement. As a result, exercises stimulate the body and the brain hence making the employees happy and productive

Effective companies all over the world have realized the significance and interests of fitness programs for the employees and the main aim is to increase productivity.

Researchers have pointed out that possessing healthy employees results to few sick days off and as result, the absenteeism is a staggering notion in many companies; therefore many employees strive to go and work while they are sick in order to secure their job which is a negative result to a company.

Apart from the notion of productivity increase as result of exercise initiation to the employee on work time, there are also other significances and include making the employees happy hence enhancing job satisfaction. Regular excise during work time provides the employees with energy, enjoyable and comfortable work life.

Productivity, happy employees, employees engagement cannot be achieved by overburdening the employees and promising to offer good compensations, initiating fitness programs in the company is a win to win approach, healthy employees enhance to high performance and productivity.