The information age is faced with many technological innovations and the question remains whether the electronic information preservations are losing important historical information.

In the current world, technology has played a significant aspect in all areas hence, enhancing the aspects of research to be effective. Technology has introduced electronic information preservation where by historical records are kept. Preserving such information through the technological advancements for instance computer does not account to the loss of historical information but enhances biasness.

Consider an article written on a specific historical art about the Gothic architecture, biasness can be enhanced as result of the author providing unclear information of the historical architecture. If the electronic information preservation would preserve the original historical information without alterations of the information by different and recent authors then we can conclude that we are not losing the historical information.

Electronic information preservations have initiated the interest of future research as compared to the interest of past research. People will focus on the future data and concentrate less on the past information signifying that historical information is being lost at a high rate.

The electronic information preservation utilizes different approaches that allow mistakes to be made as compared to historical information that only allowed people not to make mistakes rather than learn from experimenting. In the information age, people consider making mistakes within the electronic information preservation and invent something new from the mistakes; a concept that is not utilized in historical information. This implies that people have turned to electronic information preservation and neglected the significance of historical information; causing high cases of historical information loss.

Sharing and circulating of historical data is recently significant as a result of the establishment of electronic information preservation. At the same to time, the historical written records are losing meaning as a result of the threats of under-utilization by students since preference is enhanced on recent happenings more than historical information. This possesses a significant aspect of how we are losing the historical information as a result of the invention of the electronic information preservation.