Single sex schools offer wide advantages as compared to mixed schools. If you ask students to choose whether girls or boys perform better in English and Math’s, the answer would be boys are better in maths and girls in English. These are the stereotypes in school that need to be broken as a result of initiating single sex schools.

Debate on whether children learn better in boys only and girls only has been ongoing with different views on single sex schools effectively enhancing performance. The notion on single sex schools is an old aspect that is currently gaining momentum. Many parents prefer their children learning in single sex schools but some prefer mixed schools. The idea is not that single sex schools are better or mixed schools are better but how is performance enhanced in both the sex differentiated schools.

It is important to incorporate two elements in understanding the significance of single sex schools and include Nurture and nature. Nature is defined on aspects such as intelligence, temperament and gender while nurture, define the influences of the child from the guardian hence includes aspects such as cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic status, stereotypes and child upbringing.

Distraction by other opposite sex might be one of the significant reasons as to why many parents prefer single sex schools. On the other hand, specific gender placed in classroom can accomplish less but considering the aspect of enhancing the student’s effectiveness and performance by utilizing the significant techniques is effective. This means, those girls learn better in a warm environment while boys learn effectively in a cool environment; separating the two genders provide an effective environment for higher performance.

Additionally, research carried out on single sex schools illustrate that knowledge can be broadened for both the girls and the boys. This suggests single sex schools are in a position of breaking down the aspect of gender stereotypes as compared to mixed schools.

For instance, stereotype that boys perform better in maths and science while girls are best in languages can be broken and hence have the girls being better in math’s and science related subjects and the boys performing effectively in languages.