Should DDT re-approved for use in the wake of recent bedbug outbreaks across the country?

Are we playing a good fight in the recent crisis of bedbugs in America or are we just wasting time on insignificant aspects of reducing bedbugs? According to CNN headquarter asserts that Bedbugs are feasting everybody body and increasing at a high rate. Research has shown that bedbugs hit all the states in America with high public complaints on their manifestation.

In the last few decades, the invention of DDT was significant in dealing with stubborn insects such as the decades in which it was later banned. After the burn of DDT the notion of bedbugs has become a public domain hence, making the debate on whether the government should reapprove and awaken the use of DDT.

Bedbugs not known of spreading diseases; they suck blood and produce an itchy effect causing nightmare to people. Bedbug’s eradication becomes a solution to the public but the approaches on how to provide the solution not yet approved.

Bedbugs are back with high cases of complaints from the public. The developed pesticide DDT has been in use since the ancient Greece but banned as result of the insignificants caused by the pesticide.

Does DDT really work? Little research has been enhanced on DDT toxicology limitations in houses and as result, the Public Health departments in America have asserted the insignificance of utilizing DDT. Many of the third world countries use DDT in control of malaria and high cases of bedbug manifestation have not shown a decrease. The developed modern pesticides have illustrated significant results in decreasing bedbugs.

This is because bedbugs have become resistant to DDT possessing a zero effect. Research conducted on the use of DDT in third world countries assert many complaints associated with the application of DDT not only on controlling bedbugs but also, in human health linked to breast cancer and diabetes  that has increased deaths rates as compared to malaria deaths.

Many researchers appeal that the re-approval and awakening of DDT will not enhance to the reduction of bedbugs but increase health related issues. There is need for the government to consider alternative initiatives that will enhance to the reduction of Bedbugs without the consideration of DDT as the only solution.