“NCCA is supposed to consider the approaches it utilizes in protecting and punishing the college athletes” a statement from the United States president barrack Obama. Debate on whether college athletics need to be paid has been on progress with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rejecting the idea on college athletics payments. The issue on whether college athletics should be paid has triggered every aspect of United States with the notion on NCAA to effectively manage college athletics payments. The United States President and economists have asserted on college athletics payments being probable. According to a recent interview with President Barrack Obama stated that there is need to take of the college athletics since they generate a lot of revenue.

 College professors banded together in support of college athletics payments as a result of the men’s basket ball and foot ball players labor rights

The main idea was to request the NCAA and the members on whether they could afford paying college athletics. But the answer was absolutely not expected hence, rejected the idea.

According to the NCCA argument states that schools constituted within the NCCA possess enough money that can be spent on sports. Additionally break even and schools losing funds on the sports program were the main contributors of the overall rejection.

When economists were asked on college athletics being paid, approached the answer as positive and stated that the NCAA is capable of paying the college athletics since the funds are available. According to the recent financial year revenue of NCAA, illustrated that the association generates approximately billion dollars in its revenue. This clearly illustrates that the NCAA has enough funds that can pay the college athletics. Then the question still remains unanswered since there is lack of reason as to why the NCCA should reject the idea on paying the college athletes as a result of their hard work.

It is imperative pay the college athletics in order to motivate the students. This is a strategy that can enhance high school involvement in extra curriculum activities.  Therefore, students should be paid in accordance to their handwork. Instead of NCAA spending all the funds in other aspects, they should consider payments of college athletics as a way of enhancing school competitions.