Should the use of coal be subjected to stricter environmental regulations than other fuels?

From those benefiting from coal production will require to keep the damage associated with coal externally and the knowledge of the destruction poorly developed. The coal industry should ensure that the people become ignorant on the effects of coal and at the same time, ensure that they keep the profits of producing coal. On the other hand, it is important for people suffering from illness enhanced by coal and it’s content to assert the insignificance caused by coal to the people and society.

It is true that coal industry benefit from the large profits enhanced by coal production, but on the other hand, it is important to consider the insignificances enhanced by coal. People will argue that coal used in electricity production is cheap as compared to other fuels; what about the health expenses?

Coal produces different impurities that include chlorine, mercury, nitrogen oxide Sulpher and other compounds that cause air pollution. The emissions of such substances cause different threats to humans, waters and even the land. As a result, coal should be subjected to stricter environmental regulations as compared to other fuels.

The department of Environmental Protection developed a policy that enhanced to the reduction of the mercury, carbon gasses from the existing coal industries. The implementation of the policy requires the coal industry to install new equipment’s and discourage the utilization of coal that contains high contents of mercury.

On the other hand, different regulations have been proposed on reduction of nitrogen oxides and Sulpher oxides as a result of coal production; requiring the industry to install costly and technology implemented equipments. The regulations enhanced will make the utilization of coal to become less attractive hence, people will consider other alternatives.

Health related issues caused by coal components have enhanced a great debate globally and the society is focusing on alternate methods that could replace the application of coal especially in electricity production. Although, utilizing coal is inexpensive it is important to consider the expenses that coal can inhibit in health.

The environmental regulations on coal should be strict on coal productions in consideration to the negative side effects enhanced by coal and the process of reducing the emissions of coal components by the industries. Well, the regulations should also provide alternatives for coal usage hence; assist reducing high cases of health related issues enhanced by coal.