Bridges, roads, waterways define the overall backbone of infrastructure in the US. After every four years, the US Civil Engineers proposes a report card that is equivalent to a school report form on the performance and condition of the overall infrastructure in grades that includes Bridges, roads, and waterways.

Unbelievably, the infrastructure report card released in 2013, showed a grading that was not imaginable, D+. This illustrates how the bridges, roads, and waterways face a backlog on maintenance and modernization. Then somebody can ask, how comes the grade is enhanced so miserably when we have a strong and capable government in a position to raise the grade.

According to the America society report card released by the civil engineers illustrated a decline in the national infrastructure up to a point that the normal routines of people can end up stopping as result of the negligence of bridges, water wars, and roads that form the infrastructure of the nation. According to the Civil engineers, it would cost approximately 660million dollars to replace a single bridge in D.C and hence the same amount would be required to replace more than 10,000 bridges across the nation.

Then why does the government support the idea of making bridges, roads and waterways effective? Restoring all the components of infrastructure would be effective and costly at the same time since an investment by the government needs to be incurred of approximately 36 trillion by 2020. Although it is a vision that the Civil engineer has proposed, it is important for the government to offer full support in order to ensure that the bridges, waterways, and roads are effectively implemented.

The civil Engineers asserts that in order to ensure the infrastructure are effectively implemented the aspect of modernization, reliability and long-term funding needs to be considered as they will act as effective mechanisms of improving the current infrastructure condition of US.

Bridges, roads, and waterways projects need to be proposed and carried out effectively in order to reach the vision envisioned by 2020 by the Civil Engineering of raising the grades on national infrastructure report card.