Should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes?

Let’s look at an example whereby a student in a particular school was the best football player and as result, gained support from different companies and became the best footballer worldwide.  How does it feel like a nation or country to see our student’s capabilities gain the best awards worldwide? Obviously, it feels good, but it is significant to support athletics in high schools.

Students in high school have effective capabilities in different school activities and it is important to ensure that we provide enough support to students in undertaking their school activities. The field of athletics in high school proposes significant initiatives whereby parents, guardian’s and sponsors can initiate their support students.

One thing we need agree is the notion of students in high school inhibiting the capabilities needed to be utilized in the future generations; therefore exploitation of their talent in athletes is imperative for their future.

All mechanisms of supporting athletics in high schools is significant for instance, shoe companies should be in a position to provide free shoes and equipment to athletics in high schools athletes. In this way, support offered by the companies to school triggers the aspect of corporate responsibility to the society and especially the school. Many organizations or companies have utilized different approaches in order to serve the community therefore, let them not only focus on the society and leave the students suffering in school due to lack of athletic equipments and shoes, they can propose significant strategies of offering free equipments and shoes in support of athletics in high school.

There is need of exploiting different talent by offering support on athletics in high schools. It does not matter the strategies in which a company utilize to offer support, a company can be a producer of athletic shoes and equipment and strive to provide them to students as result of corporate responsibility to the society.

On the other hand, it does not mean that all producers of athletics equipment and shoes carry out the responsibility alone; other companies can also involve in the responsibility and as result buy and provide them to students. Let’s all strive to offer support to athletics in high school.