Women in a number of occasions earn respect and honor in the eyes of the public whenever they adapt to societal ideas and are in that sense granted fair treatment. Nevertheless, in the event, a woman went beyond the boundaries set for her to act within then all their respect was lost at once and are as a result advised to be at where they belong. Consequently, women had no chance of finding a positive attention from the community in case they shared their mind. Readers are in a position to come up with this deduction after going through the story this great personality; Ann Hutchinson.

In spite of being regarded as intelligent and influential, the moment she aired her religious ideas; a number of people, John Winthrop included, started viewing her in another way. There was a notion that women had no right whatsoever to in one way or another internalize anything in which men had interest as it would ruin their learning and mastery of some concepts. Despite being thought of by the public to be ruining her respect and honor in the society, Ann Hutchinson courageously carried on with sharing her thoughts even if they were going to attract unfriendly opinions of others towards her.

It was during her American tour that she became certain about the fact that some people were suspecting her religious ideas. During the many weeks that Ann Hutchinson’s family spent with Minister William Bartholomew, he got shocked to hear her say that people do receive divine revelations directly. She also expressed the same while with Minister Zachariah Symmes at the conclusion of the tour and in return, the two ministers expressed their regards for her beliefs. Hutchinson’s views best fit being referred to as those which opposed the common laws which operated during her lifetime.

Her beliefs are termed as Antinomianism. Her suggestion that people had a direct touch with God downplayed others’ belief. As a result, a number of esteemed people got offended by her views, especially to the fact that she was expressing herself in an area which seen to be a preserve for men. However, she did not relent but went ahead to give teachings on her beliefs.

Because of her involvement in an area in which no woman had a right to express an opinion on, Hutchinson became the greatest woman personality of her days. It was her belief that her views on religion were as worthy as those of her male counterparts. She never gave anyone a chance to stop her from doing what she believed in despite being a victim of attacks from some people. She courageously and firmly stood for her beliefs without any fear of facing what would result from her actions.