Has U.S. policy actually spread terrorism rather than contain it? Will it get better or worse? Why and how?

Al-Qaida has a long term and major issue concerning the greater world of Muslim and the Middle East. The problem initiated by Al Qaeda is diverse and cannot just be addressed by a simple policy. This implies that the US policy has only provided short term hope for Al-Qaida and hence if the policy does not suggest other wise, will provide the Al-Qaida with the objectives of establishing a Muslim world of hegemonic caliphate.

The American policy that was established after the occurrence of 9\11 was a result to offer a potential solution to the problems of America in the Muslim world. Unfortunately the policy has enhanced different challenges that have envisioned that the authors of the policy did not provide a clear planning.

Decades ago the US  had not established a policy covering the Middle East but later on the policy was brought into existence by the former president George W. bush. The interest of US on the Muslim world according to the policy is initiated with enhancing stability with or without armed conflict, realization of the nation’s interest on security and put an end as Muslims enemy.

After the incident of the 9\11 former president George W. Bush asserted the main concern for America is the terrorism world initiated by Muslim. The Obama administration still follows on the policy of Bush administration and chosen the confrontation of the military as the main aspect of reducing terrorism in the nation. Therefore if the policy on terrorism control is not effective then why does the government enact a policy that will initiate long term and acceptable perspectives to the Al-Qaida?

The main idea is that America wants to fight Al-Qaida as an approach of reducing terrorism, but is it really terrorism that is being fought or insurgencies. The Muslim world perceives that when America wants to fight terrorism they choose the Al-Qaida military hence, fight insurgencies in Muslim dominated countries such as Yemen and Pakistan. President George Bush asserted that Muslims hate Americans for what they are and everything that stands for America.  But instead, Muslims admire the Americans standards of living, creativity but hate the aspect of what Americans do, which are the policies developed by Americans

Insurgencies cannot fight terrorism and the Al Qaeda this is because the terrorists movements needs to come to an end.  The American dream is that one day the Al-Qaida will come to an end and end the challenge of terrorism that has occurred over the decades. In order for these to happen, there is need for the government to enact an effective policy that will be acceptable to the Muslim world.