should the government use invasive pat-downs and body scans to ensure passenger safety or are there better methods?

The issue of airport security has become a common theme in America. The government is ensuring that airport security is enhanced through the utilization of different approaches that will signify and enhance security. But the question remains how the government is assisting in enhancing the airport security. The introduction of the pat downs and the body scanners have been regarded as effective methods of enhancing airport security by the government but regarded as ineffective and demoralizes the travelers by the airport customers.

When we view the significance of the pat downs and body scanners in accordance to the government, would probably assert as important but focusing on the public viewpoints these would be disrespect of privacy.

There are different complaints on airport security that have been initiated by customers about the pat downs and the body scanners utilized in airports and as result, deter the aspect of privacy. I have experienced this aspect since I like travelling, where by young girl at the age of three years are pated down and body scanned.  I wonder what the security officer is thinking on taking such embarrassing security measures on a young age girl. Does it mean that the parents have planted a bomb on the girl; well, I understand that the issue of airport security needs to be implemented but it is imperative to consider whom to carry the pat downs and the body scans?

According to this experience, apart from interfering with people privacy the pat downs and the body scans illustrate different viewpoints of airport employees in initiating airport security. This means that airport employees do not have enough training to know the people capable of destructive measures in the airport.  On the other hand, it is amazing and confusing to understand that pilots and flight attendants also require body scans and pat downs. What will make a person wonder is, how safe are travelers guaranteed that the airport is safe when airports employees are considered as strangers. Security starts with the employees and further developed in people hence, the notion of scanning and patting down airport employee still needs reconsiderations.

Despite of the disadvantages of the pat downs and the body scanners on interfering with people privacy, the government should focus on effective strategies that will enhance airport security and provide the travelers with privacy.