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  6. A PowerPoint presentation focusing on the changes undergone in the kingdom of Ireland in the past 150 years.

Ireland’s higher education system has grown exponentially in recent years. Earlier only primary and education systems are the ones that existed. The same is to be said for the growth of the economy which has grown tremendously since 1960 and this has been due to the enormous growth in the education system.

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Ireland is a country that is well known for its photogenic topography and richness in culture. When it comes to the British Isles Ireland is the second largest. In terms of Island land mass, it is 3rd in Europe, 20th in the world and is divided into two nations; Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Whilst the latter covers five-sixth of the island the former is a part of the United Kingdom. After Great Britain, it was ranked as the most populated Island in Europe according to a census conducted in 2011.

Ireland uses two currencies but this does not deter impeding number of commercial activities from taking place all over the country and it’s facilitated by two existing jurisdictions that share a membership in the European Union.

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