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Automatically generate a story ideas with Essaymojo essay writing prompts generator. This tool generates a random writing prompt depending on the category you choose. Generate a plot-line at the click of a button

Find Your Inspiration- Creative Essay Writing Prompt Generator

Numerous students have found their selves in situations where they can’t find the right words or topic, and their essay is almost due. This state is referred to as a writer’s block by experienced writers. It makes an individual’s mind ignore all attempts to unite separate words to create constructive sentences and to think creatively. This state occurs unpredictably, and can jeopardize your academic success. This situation has prompted us to develop a essay writing prompt generator that is absolutely free. The primary aim of the tool is to promote creativity because it allows students to maintain a creative flow.

What is an Essay Prompt Generator and Why Use It?

It is a tool that allows you to construct argumentative, inspiring, interesting, or appealing sentences. Our team created this generator with the intention of assisting you with your assignments. This tool available at our platform is beneficial to students who have difficulties or lack ideas when developing short stories. The following are some guaranteed benefits that users can enjoy:

  • They can create a relevant top
  • They can become extensively inspired
  • The tool can create sentences that can be used directly in essays
  • The tool also creates a relevant research thesis from a broad topic

EssayMojo’s random essay writing prompt generator will stimulate your creativity by allowing you to incorporate the generated sentences in your text or utilizing them as research topics.

 How Does It Work?

This story essay writing prompt generator allows students to receive clues of specific categories, which is unlike what other comparable tools that are available online. Numerous instructors assign students with broad topics such as, career or technology that cannot be covered entirely in a single essay. It is for this reason that we have added this feature. Instructors usually give such tasks because they expect students to breakdown the topics. It is a hectic endeavor that usually leave students with potential options. As a result, our prompt generator is equipped with categories that cover most popular topics such as:

Technology – this category allows students to pick up ideas related to modern devices, internet, and social media.

Arts & Entertainment – in this category, our generator allows students to write about their musical, theater and other arts experiences. They can also discuss topics related to entertainment and the effects it has on various aspects of life.

Identity & Family – this category has discussions related to studying and learning, and the impact of education on career.

Social Like & Leisure Time – this extensive category allows students to evaluate ideas related to friendship or other interpersonal relationships. It also discusses the impact of various activities on an individual and society.

Science & Health – this category is essential to students whose primary concern is the environment, and the effect it has on animals and human health.

Civics & History – this category is essential for students whose primary concern is history and policy.

How Prompts are used in Writing

There are numerous ways students can utilize sentences constructed by our essay writing prompt generator. They are either used as research topics or as a hook or opening line of a sentence. However, students need to note that slight changes in story ideas may be needed, for example, by eliminating a starter to a sentence, to incorporate them in your essay in the way that will extensively appeal to you. EssayMojo story idea essay writing prompt generator is an excellent tool that will simplify your writing.

Feel free to use our prompt and it will ensure you attain excellent grade!