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Check your word document essay words counts Instantly. Just copy paste or type your content in our free online essay word counter tool. Besides, you can also calculate the total number of paragraphs, sentences and characters within your essay.

The Reason You Should Use EssayMojo’s Essay Word Counter

The quality of your paper can be improved by a essay word counter tool designed by EssayMojo team. The tool was developed because we understand the importance of staying within the page limits provided by a professor. This quick description will make you understand how the character count calculator is beneficial.

A Brief Overview of How Essay Word Counter for Essays Operates

The primary aim of our online essay word count calculator is to count the total words written in an essay to avoid exceeding the word count limit provided by an instructor, and It also prevents the use of redundant language and text. The following is a small guide on how to utilize it:

  • Copy text and paste it into the provided field on the website
  • In less than a second, the online word counter program will analyze your text and retrieve results
  • There is a section that informs you of the amount of characters and words that are in the paper, and it is found on the right of the field
  • At the bottom of the field there is a ‘clear all’ option that when clicked showcases how many characters and words in the paper.

Why We Have an Excellent Essay Word Count Tool

Similar to other tools that EssayMojo offers such as, case converter toolplagiarism checkerparaphrasing tool etc., our essay word count is also free. We do not charge any fees for your essay to be checked, and you can use it as many times as you desire. Furthermore, our essay word count and character count tools rarely has glitches, meaning that our service delivery is optimal. Our website is constantly protected from bugs and glitches that ensures you are satisfied with our service. Our customer support is also available 24/7, and they answer any questions posed to them in the shortest time possible. Thus, feel free to contact our customer service specialist if you are stuck at any stage and they will assist you instantly.

How Our Character Count Offers Help

Throughout all the process, we keep you within a page limit so that you do not worry about the text’s limit. Professors usually give students a page limit, and going over or failing to meet page or word limit results in deficient grades. The good news is our essay word counter showcases how many pages, characters, and words are in an essay so that you can fulfill the instructions provided by your professor.

Our essay word count tool will help you avoid redundant phrases to ensure you provide an excellent paper. Long-winded essays are not appealing because they have constant repetitions. It is the primary reason why we have created this word counter software because a character limit makes your essay short and precise. It makes it easier for a reader to understand and appreciate ideas because the word counter will eliminate superfluous language and keep your paper short and precise.

The auto-save function found at our platform ensures that your text is not lost. It will eliminate your distractions to save your work. This will allow you to put extensive concentration on your work because you will never lose any part of your work.

The Benefits of Using Our Online Essay Word Counter Tool

  • Convenient way to establish how many characters are in your text
  • Instant results: any assignment you need to be checked, the results are provided in the shortest time possible.
  • Availability of extra services: If you need extra help, we have proofreadingwriting services, and affordable editing. You can contact our customer service agents for more information.