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Free Essay Rewriter Tool to Paraphrase Your Essay Paper

Academic writing is a constant and critical part of higher education life in universities in the US. Creating original content is extensively challenging to numerous students. It is the reason why most of them constantly look for different software tools that could assist them to get rid of duplications in their essays.

EssayMojo’s free online essay rewriter assist you prevent plagiarism and get your desirable grades! This convenient tool eliminates plagiarism from your work because it makes your work original in the shortest time possible allowing you to beat your deadlines.

How to Use EssayMojo’s Essay Rewriter

Numerous students encounter difficulties when writing an essay. They constantly consult search engines such as google for assistance every time they try replacing blocks of texts to make them appear original. However, it is difficult for your brain to store numerous synonyms because of numerous things you experience. Our essay word change possesses a unique algorithm that will assist you find the appropriate words. You only need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Copy the block of text you need reworded and paste it in the box and click the rewrite option
  2. There will be a series of highlighted words in your text. Click on each word and a list of prospective synonyms that will replace the words will be presented to you.
  3. There are numerous synonyms that our tool offers its users and you can use them to reconstruct your sentences. You click on the synonym of your choice and it will replace the original word.
  4. Press the ‘finish’ option once all changes have been made
  5. If you are contended with the results you can transfer the text to your desired location, but if not you can try again.

What Do I Get?

Students are faced with numerous assignments that they have to complete. They usually derive some of their information online and make them appear original. Most universities in the US prefer rewriting than copying text directly from the internet.

However, manual paraphrasing is a process that is time-consuming and extremely complicated. Thus, you can utilize our essay rewriter that will make your work original. The following reasons make our rewriting tool more excellent that other similar tools:

Free Use – it allows you to rewrite articles and essays altering single words and sentences entirely.

Quick and Accurate – Our rephrasing tool allows you to get plagiarism free content in the shortest time possible.

Our tool also provides you with numerous synonyms that you can use to restructure your sentences. You click on the synonym of your choice and it will replace the original word.

Quality paraphrasing – Sentence structure and words are changed by our tool that ensure that your content is unique. The synonyms on offer are diverse that ensure your work has no traces of plagiarism.

No limits – the amount of text that can be paraphrased is unlimited. You just have to copy and paraphrase the text you need paraphrased and our tool will automatically rephrase it.

Smart tool – Our tool has a specially designed software that generates synonyms that rhyme with your content.

The following examples showcase how our tool operates:

Original: “Many underdeveloped countries nowadays face serious problems trying to provide decent education and health facilities.”

Rewritten: “Many developing countries presently face severe problems trying to provide sufficient training and health facilities.”

Original: beautiful view

Rephrased: magnificent view

Don’t Hesitate to Choose Your Rewriting Tool

Writing an excellent essay is difficult even if you put extensive efforts towards it. It results submitting work past the set timeline or spending too much time researching a specific topic. Our tool will enhance your academic performance, and you will gain trust from your peers and professor.

Our rewriting service offers you a chance to create original content and make your essay writing stress free.


  1. How can you rephrase your essay in the shortest possible time?

Utilizing an automatic tool to rephrase your essay is the way that is extremely fast. However, you have to ensure that your word selection is effective. EssayMojo rephrasing tool is absolutely free every time you use it. It provides results in a matter of seconds and it is easy to use.

  1. How do I use essay rewriter tool?

You just need to copy and paste the block of text you need rewritten in the special area and click for the process to begin. Highlighted text will appear in your text, and clicking on them will reveal all potential synonyms to replace your original words. Once all the words have been changed, copy and paste it to your desired location.