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Do you want to paraphrase your essay instantly with ease? use free essay paraphrasing tool by EssayMojo. It will help avoid plagiarism quickly and intelligently by  rewording your essay and making it 100% unique. Most students use Use rephrase generator to pass Turnitin.

The Best Essay Paraphrasing Tool that Easily Rephrases Your Essay

Students face numerous unpleasant situations after receiving a paper from their instructor that has been deemed to be plagiarized. Some students directly copy works from other authors. However, there are students who may use other authors’ papers as examples and grasp main thoughts to avoid intentionally repeating them when writing their essay. A free essay paraphrasing tool that helps finds synonyms quickly and effectively can be massively embraced by students.

Different essay paraphrasing tools such as word to minute converter, essay word counter, words to pages, or case converter have made life easy for students. However, do they eradicate plagiarism? Learning more about online sentence rephrase tool at EssayMojo will allow you avoid plagiarism in your assignment because it effectively paraphrases essays.

How Does EssayMojo’s Essay Paraphraser Work?

Students have hectic schedules that can sometimes require them to complete numerous lab reports, course works, essays and other academic assignments. An online essay paraphraser is an excellent tool that allows you to write a great essay if you do not want to rely on a writing service. This rephrasing tool saves your ample time because it looks for every synonym for every word on your behalf. An essay paraphrasing tool has a simple principle of action that makes it easy to use. It will allow you to get rid of plagiarism by using little effort.

There is a field where you can place your text and wait for it to be rephrased in the shortest possible time. The size of the text does not matter, and it may range from a paragraph to a whole article. The paraphrasing tool will search for words with identical meaning without changing the context of the essay. This is the primary benefit of a synomizer.

Every student has faced difficulties when trying to choose the right word. In some instances, it is difficult to find a synonym because they can be numerous for one word. However, paraphrasing generator is an exceptional and smart tool that generates synonyms through the help of a specially designed software. This essay paraphrasing tool will instantly provide you with your desired results. Furthermore, you can check all phrases and words that have been altered to ensure that the new text version are appropriate.

What Makes Our Free Essay Paraphrasing Tool Excellent?

Nowadays, there exist numerous synonym tools on the internet. Thus, our service stands out because we guarantee high quality text. This paraphrasing tool is extensively effective because it changes the content of your text and also ensures it is plagiarism free. Text containing the same words are not pleasing to read. A writer should have a diverse vocabulary to make the content appealing. Paraphrasing generator will come in handy when you have inadequate knowledge in a certain field and cannot write an essay, term paper or report on your own. It will make your paper lacks repetitions, it will sound authentic and unique. If you are still undecided on why you should rely on our service, here are some of the guarantees we offer:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Free paraphrasing tool
  • 100% plagiarism free

Our essay paraphrasing tool will allow you to improve the quality of your text whether you are a student or blogger. Creative writing is extremely important in any field of knowledge. That is why our online paraphrasing machine improves the quality of your work leaving you satisfied. You can try again if you are not satisfied with the result. There are unlimited attempts one can paraphrase their text. You can then compare the new version with the last version and choose the one that sounds excellent.

FAQ About Online Essay Paraphrasing Tool

  1. What are paraphrasing examples?

Paraphrasing is commonly defined as the restatement of sentences in other words. The following are examples of paraphrased sentences by our online paraphrasing tool:

Original: Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated
Paraphrase: Although the man looked old, his eyes were still young, bright and their color reminded of the sea.

Original: He was asleep in a short time and he dreamed of Africa when he was a boy.
Paraphrase: He slept for a little while and had a dream about Africa and his childhood.

Original: beautiful view
Rephrased: magnificent view

Original: go home
Rephrased: get back to the house

  1. What are paraphrasing techniques?

There are numerous paraphrasing techniques that are effective for rewriting text. They are changing word order, changing sentence structure, usage of synonyms, usage of different connecting words, changing of a word from one part of sentence to another, changing definition structures and attribution signals. Our rephrasing tools contains various synonyms that you can utilize to restructure your sentence.

  1. Can EssayMojo’s Essay Paraphraser be detected by Plagiarism Checkers?

Text that has been enhanced by our online plagiarism checker lacks any plagiarized content. Paraphrasing words alone is not advisable; rather, you should change word structures and combinations to make the entire text unique.