Many academic writings have proven to cause some levelof difficulty to college students. This also includes essays. Many students find it difficult to organize their thoughts when writing their essays. To help college students overcome this problem you need to slowly guide them through the process of writing one. This will include helping them to brainstorm, outline, draft and edit the essay. Each stage will require full student participation.


If you are doing it with many students then it will be much easier as the ideas will be flowing fast. If you are doing it with one student then you will have to aid him or her more to stimulate the thinking process. Brainstorming is all about thinking about the topic given and coming up with ideas than are within the confines of the given essay assignment.


Here you help the students get the format for writing the essay. Mainly an essay is divided into three sections; the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Help the students generate ideas that fit on each section. The outlined points will help the students when drafting the final paper. The points should be outlined in bullet form so that the students can have an easy time when drafting.


Having helped the students brainstorm and outline the points under each section. The actual writing should be done by the students. The outline should aid the students stay focused and organized by tackling the main idea and giving concrete supporting evidence. The outline should help the students cover all the aspects discussed without omitting any.


Once they finish you could instruct them to edit the work themselves to check for any grammar and spelling error. You can also edit the essays yourself or have them exchange among themselves. Through the editing the students will get familiar and quite comfortable with the standard format of writing the essay.They will be able to learn the Do’s and the Don’ts of essay writing.

Showing them samples

 To offer essay help for college students, it is imperative to also showcase to the students some of the best essay samples that have been written and awarded high marks. This will help the students to know the intricate details that are required of them.The samples will help stimulate their thinking.

Help them practice

 To offer the best essay help for college students after teaching them what is required of them it will be good to subject them to numerous essay writing challenges and work to enable them get comfortable in writing them. You can decide to give them one essay every week. This will help you gauge their levels of understanding and comfortability. As they say practice always makes perfect.

Encourage them to read wide

 Wide reading ensures that the students are knowledgeable on various aspects. It always them to know acquire facts that they can use to support their views and ideas.A student who has read widely will only require just a small fine tuning to help him/her write a good essay.