English is nowadays one of the most important languages after a person’s vernacular.

It is actually a means by which people from different languages, whether at national or international levels, freely communicate to one another. English best deserve being referred to as an international language that enables people from across the world to share their thoughts and perceptions. This language depends on two main concepts, that is; right vocabulary and appropriate sentence construction. In case a student a perfect grasp of the above mentioned parts then he or she will, no doubt, excel in this subject. English calls for both speaking and writing it, otherwise it is not complete. There is a category of people who are good at speaking it whereas there is that which are good at writing. This is so due to the fact that maturity in English speaking comes about through reading books and articles, watching movies, listening to songs etc. the mastery of English can only be achieved through daily use of it while at the same time writing requires accuracy in the application of words and grammar. A person who has a mastery of these skills will certainly have a clear understanding of this language.

A greater number of students are eager to have a good understanding of English given that this language plays a major role in almost every person’s life. Students for that matter gamble with words to at least make a meaning out of them. As a result, they find this subject disgusting and therefore find it so hard to complete English assignment. They end up despising the English task and instead dump it for an activity in which they find fun. Being that English homework contributes to the total score at the end of the term, students have no choice but to find a means by which they get it done.


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