What is a thesis?

A thesis is an exceptionally long piece of writing written by a candidate wishing to receive an academic degree. A thesis is usually a long piece of writing on a specific subject that is composed by students to earn a degree from a university. Thesis is one of the very important concepts when it comes to expository writing in college. A thesis should have a sentence that focuses the ideas of the paper into a single argument that is crystallized by the researcher to give the reader a view of the main argument of the paper. A thesis is not only useful for your audience to have an understanding of the essay but it is equally useful for the writer because it is an indication of your type of support that will be as a result of your paper. Before writing a thesis the researcher should have a good grasp of the concept behind thesis writing before proceeding.

A perfect thesis must identify two basics;

  • What your ideas are all about
  • What your ideas are all about

A thesis paper must reflect

  • The topic discussed in the thesis which should tell the audience what your writing is all about
  • The angle the thesis takes in telling the ideas of the paper

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