A research paper thesis statement can be understood to have similar characteristics to a thesis for a non-research paper. The difference between the two is hidden in the fact that a research thesis needs you to collect data and evidence from credible and trusted sources and use the information gathered to the support the perspective in which you are standing on regarding a particular issue. In as much as your sources provide high level information that informs your public on your thesis, the ideas in your thesis paper should be your own and expressed in a particular personal way of viewing and analyzing the issue.

The center of a research paper thesis statement

In order to make a perfect research paper thesis statement , you should make the center of the paper be on your information and ideas as you write the paper. How can I make a research paper thesis statement ? The answer to this is to remember the term ‘focus’. Very many times students often make the error of forgetting the focus of the research and make the thesis research too broad creating room for extra research that is redundant. The depth of research is the hallmark of a sophisticated paper than its breadth.

Are you bothered with questions on ‘how to make a research paper thesis statement ’, then we are here to give you tips on how to make one on your own. Creating a working thesis for your paper requires you to specify and order for specific information categories. Looking at the thesis below, it is clear that the main arguments of the writers specify and order for main standing of the researcher;

  • Management that is competence based is logical, practical and accessible to workers and managers.

  • The basic skills of workforce training is presently necessary because of the poor writing and reading level of workers, the shift in manufacturing jobs, the increasing demand that every person entering the workforce can change his position many times and the complex nature of service positions.

As you can clearly see, a well formulated research paper thesis statement is the proposed answer to your research question that you should finalize after finalizing your research. However, you can also stay open to revise and modify your working thesis as you go deeper into the issues and topics within your research. Having an excellent working thesis is essential just like having a perfect research question. While making your thesis, you should consider that your thesis should not be very broad or too narrow; this is an important skill.

Still finding it hard to make a research paper thesis statement ?

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