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Don’t just take our word for it - FeedSpark is trusted by the worlds top Brands, Agencies & Governments to deliver significant retail performance...

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What Do We Deliver?

Ultimately we can get our clients products listed, on-mass, in Google Shopping at lower CPC rates. This all sounds simple but a Product Feed + Good Bid does not guarantee that your products will show - We can change that...

Google Shopping

Get all Products Showing

Customer Service

15hr+ Support a Day

Traffic Uplift

Up to 1,300{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268}+ uplift in 21 days

Product Optimisation

Best in Class Data Enhancement

Fast Feed Delivery

New feeds live in 5 Days

Advanced Technology

Human Driven Capabilities

CPC Reductions

We drive traffic efficiently

Fully managed

Let us do the heavy Lifting


Take advantage of our Free Feed Reviews* to see how FeedSpark could help you drive Google Shopping to the next level.

*Subject to availability

Trusted by Leading Worldwide Brands

FeedSpark work with some of the largest Brands, Retailers, Agencies and Government teams to Build, Optimise, Enhance & Manage their Product & Data Feed needs.

  1. We Build the Worlds Best Feeds

    To make your life easier we can handle all your feed requirements - From Extraction to Full Channel Management (and all complex processes in between) we offer a Fully Managed Solution.

  2. We Drive Significant Traffic & Efficiency

    We have the techniques to deliver Massive Incremental Traffic & Performance Uplifts of between 40{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268} to 1300{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268}+ whilst reducing CPCs by up to 25{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268} in Google Shopping often within weeks of Feed Deployment.

  3. Unique Performance Methodology

    We Populate & Optimise product feeds using advanced A/B testing and Scientific Principles - Our techniques are deployed on client-by-client basis taking account of Brand, Products, Pricing and Business Strategies.

Get Your Products Quickly Displaying within Google Shopping Searches

Contact FeedSpark Now

Measurable & Proven Performance

After testing a range of Optimisation & Enhancement techniques on millions of Product Fields FeedSparkknow what works. Significant gains are available from having quality Optimised Product Data - Brands with poor Product Data or who have issues driving Google Shopping Traffic could benefit from some very quick big wins.

Product Image Optimisation

By using the Correct Product Images, significant upside can be gained - Should you have a product showing on white background or grey background; showing in context or worn etc. - We can test & tell what's best for your brand...

Our research has caused many clients to reshoot whole product ranges given the performance uplift available.

Looong / Short Product Titles?

Getting Product Names correct can have a major impact on performance. Should your product titles be long or short, what content should be included, and in what order should key details be listed ie Brand, material and size?

We can tell you how best to write your Product Names and also FeedSpark can populate any content that may be missing from your website or source product feed.

Field Optimisation: Colour

It's not only important to have content populated in Key Product Fields but that content should also be relevant to user searches. For example, whilst specific colours names should be kept, they should also match common search patterns ie Apple -> Green, Sky -> Blue.

Whilst the value gained from fields like colour are often ignored they not only have an strong independent impact but also when used in combinations with other techniques ie Product Name rebuilding.

Keyword Integration

Most websites, and by default Product Data & Product Feeds, are rarely written with the consumer in mind & how they search for products online.

We can create, optimise and embed relevant keywords into your product data to cover a wider range of user specific searches that not only drive more but better quality traffic.

Note: Simply adding more content into Product Descriptions does not work!

Brand Integration

A highly effective technique for driving incremental Google Shopping Traffic is by showing Brand Names into the Product Feed.

Often many Branded website usually omit their own brand in Product Names to avoid repetition - Given they only sell their own products, everything is covered by the Websites own brand.

When using Channels like Google Shopping we know exactly the best places to embed Brand Names to drive the biggest performance uplifts.


Performance Uplift

Most charts will not show the 1000{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268}+ growth we can deliver to our online clients so we have had to settle with only showing 100{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268} growth - Though we're sure that you would not be upset if we only doubled your traffic within a few weeks of on-boarding you as a client


CPC Rate Reduction

By Optimising your Product Data & Using other Google Shopping Optimisation techniques we can get relevant ads in from of relevant searches. Given this we drive our clients more clicks than their competitors so Google are willing to show the ads often at 25{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268} lower CPMs.


Bounce Rate Reduction

We can reduce the single page bounce rates from Google Shopping Traffic by up to 85{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268}. Our clients benefit from having highly targeted traffic delivered to their websites & powering landing pages optimised by FeedSpark to then drive conversion levels.

Start to Drive Incremental Performance from Google Shopping in as little as 5 Days

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FeedSpark - The Google Shopping Experts

FeedSpark know Google Shopping inside out - Whether you new to google Shopping or already driving traffic we can give you a good incremental uplift in performance whilst driving efficiency.

  • Google Shopping 

    The Google Shopping Experts

    If you want to drive significant traffic from Google Shopping then FeedSpark is the Feed Partner for you.

    We have been building Google feeds for nearly 10 years & understand how to quickly drive significant traffic from Google Shopping .

    If you are not driving up to 80{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268} of your traffic from Google Shopping you are missing out on a massive opportunity. We often take over the feeds of large International Brands & after developing client specific strategies we manage to deliver both traffic uplifts and cost reductions - often where performance was already considered to be good.

    FeedSpark is Trusted by some of the Worlds largest Retailers, Brands, Performance Agencies and Government Departments around the world to deliver the best Google Shopping Feeds possible.

  • Google Partner 

    Google Feed Partner

    FeedSpark was Googles 1st Feed Partner in Europe & often works with Google to develop changes to feed specifications & Shopping products.

    We also have Tier 1 Dedicated Account Support allowing us to quickly resolve any issues our clients may have with the Google Shipping Channel.

    In addition, our clients also often get early access to new trial services allowing them to gain traction and experience before full lauches.

    FeedSpark is Trusted by some of the Worlds largest Retailers, Brands, Performance Agencies and Government Departments around the world.

  • Driving Traffic

    You cannot buy Google Shopping Traffic

    Unlike Google AdWords you simply cannot buy specific 'keywords' or general 'search terms' associated with your products.

    With Shopping, Google simply matching user searches to the relevancy of retailers products - due to this most retailers products fail to appear irrespective of how much they would pay for traffic.

    FeedSpark have techniques to get your Products to Show En-Mass, Capture Position 1 or 2 in the Shopping Unit whilst reducing your CPC Costs Significantly

    FeedSpark is a Google Feed Partner & Trusted by some of the Worlds largest Retailers, Brands, Performance Agencies and Government Departments around the world.

  • Data Improvement

    Building Relevant Product Data

    Most retailers simply provide Google Shopping with product feeds that replicate the content as shown on their website - Whilst this will drive some traffic the performance achieved will be very poor to the potential available.

    Website content is primarily focused on converting users once they are on site and not getting them there in the first place.

    FeedSpark can make your enhance your product to make it work better and drive relevant traffic efficiently and in large volumes.

    FeedSpark is Trusted by some of the Worlds largest Retailers, Brands, Performance Agencies and Government Departments around the world to deliver the best Google Shopping Feeds possible.

Want to know how much you could benefit from having a Quality Product Feed?

Request a Free Feed Review

FeedSpark create the best Output Feeds

Simply being able to create & manage feeds on a channel-by-channel basis is only half the story (the easy half!). Whilst many companies claim that they create the best product feeds the reality is that most simply repackage existing data, and any errors that they contain, in output feeds significantly limiting Channel Performance.

Product Cleansing

We digest, clean and re-encode your data to industry standards and use an archive of rules and techniques built over 10 years to manage this process

Learn More

Product Data Optimisation

We specialise in enhancing existing product data (including populating missing fields & adding in FeedSpark insights) to drive significant performance uplifts.

Learn More key Service

Channel Management

On a daily basis we refresh your product data, apply relevant rules, custom labels & optimisation to delivery bespoke feeds that comply to ever changing channel guidelines.

Learn More

...and a whole host more

We ensure your product data is listed against relevant user searches, drives targeting traffic back to your website and help ensure that any paid for clicks have a high change of converting - This is key to Google Shopping success and this is where FeedSpark excels.

Scientific A/B Testing

All our Optimisations & Enhancements are methodically deployed allowing us to provide detailed reporting on the results delivered .

Learn More Proven Results

Deep Google Shopping Insight

We use unique strategies to drive our clients into the best & most relevant Google Shopping Locations often at lower CPC's.

Learn More Traffic Uplift

Relevant & Converting Traffic

We have techniques to ensure you only push & show for products that are likely to lead to highly profitable conversions & KPI delivery.

Learn More KPI Delivery

It's all about
Human-centric Optimisation

Technology can be good, Humans can be great but leveraging both together is where the magic of FeedSparks Optimisation really happens....

Human Optimisation

Whilst Technology, Machine Learning & AI are all fantastic enablers for optimising and enhancing Product Data Feeds, FeedSpark fundamentally believes that is is the Skill and Experience of the Human Brain, when combined cut cutting edge technologies, that enables true performance to be delivered.

Proven Performance

How we optimise shoes is completely different to how you would optimise a Television.

More importantly how you would optimise shoes for one brand can be very different to how you optimise shoes for a similar brand.

Simply driving a 50{b9703278de23e94551e02572443db79a72f1c2eff585526c7acc99203f44a268} uplift does not tell you if that is good result or under-delivering its potential. Hence, we test key optimisation changes against control groups to identify and measure the drivers of the performance delivered


Universal Product Optimisations & Enhances Simply do not work - Check out how we deliver our clients exponential growth within weeks of on-boarding with FeedSpark.

or ask for a Free Feed Review