Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy

We have a responsibility to inform you our cookie policy regarding how we collect and use your personal data. This policy details how our company uses cookies.

 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file sent to your mobile device or computer. Cookies are distinctive to your browser or account.  Cookies based on a session last only when your browser is opened and are deleted after closing the browser. However, persistent cookies continue to be kept until you delete them or they expire. You Can read more a bout cookies by clicking here


Do we use cookies?

Correct, we use cookies to together with other related technologies such as web beacons and single-pixel gifs. Likewise, we use persistent and session-based cookies o offer you services in order to make it simple to browse the website.  To make it easier for you, we set and access our cookies on the website and as well use third party cookies such as analytics.


How are cookies used?

Some of the cookies are linked to your account and personal information for us recall when you are logged in session, and know the services you have ordered. Some other cookies are not linked to your account, though they are unique and enable us to analyse your data and customize our service for your individual preferences.  Cookies can as well be used in recognizing you any time you access our website, recall your preferences and offer you personalized experience based on the past history. Cookies as well increase your security when you access our website.


How does the company use cookies to advertise?

We use cookies, tags and pixel to make our marketing efforts to be more effective in reaching our users, whom we believe are more interested in accessing our services.  Cookies as well provide aggregated auditing, statistics, reporting and market research. Cookies also help us to know what content you have accessed.


What to do if you don’t want setting up cookies

If you do not want cookies, there is an option to block them, which is provided by many browsers. In fact, some browsers allow you to set cookies preference for each website that you access. Instructions setting your cookies are provided as shown below, depending on the browser.

For any other browse, kindly consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the browser. It is possible to use third party cookies available from Google Analytics. More so, you can decide not to be part of interest-based targeting offered by taking part in ad servers.  You can as well change the setting on your android, or iPhone to control your access to online interest based adverts.

However, limiting the website accessibility to cookies could reduce the general experience of the website and reduce the services you receive because the services will not be personalized or customized based on your user preferences. You will as well be restricted on saving personal details such as passwords.

Cookies used on our website

Categories of Use Description
Security Our website use cookies to activate our security aspects, and to assist us in detecting malicious activities.
Authentication Supposing you have logged into our company’s website, cookies assist us to know that you have entered the correct information and to apply your preferences.
Preferences, attributes and services Cookies help us to know the preferred language you use and the overall communication preferences you like. Cookies as well assist us to fill our online forms much easier. They as well give us features, customized content and insights.
Marketing Sometimes we use cookies in helping us to carryout marketing activities and to track the general performance of these marketing activities. For example, monitoring number of visits on our webpage. Likewise, cookies may be used by our partners to give us information concerning how you interact and access their services. However, the use of cookies by third parties is subject to their terms and policies.
Performance, Analytics and Research Cookies as well assist us to know the convenience of our website for our users. Likewise, our website uses cookies to obtain information on product attributes and services that include creating logs and history when you visit our website from other devices like mobile device or your home computer.

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