College students undertake different disciplines. Some do sciences course while others do arts and humanities course. They will all be required to write college academic papers. Each of them will have a format that they should be written with. Mostly the format used is the scientific format which is greatly favored due to its ability to clearly bring out the details of the research at any point that the reader may want to read.

Title page

This is the first section that you must always start with whenever you are writing your college paper. It will succinctly describe the contents of your work. Use descriptive words that you would strongly associate with the contents in your paper. The title should be as short and unambiguous as possible yet be able to clearly describe your work. The title should contain key words that describe your work.


In this section, you will be required to effectively summarize in one paragraph the major aspects of your college paper work. Under this section ensure to clearly state the main purpose of your work. Explain clearly the basic design used in your study and the methodology route taken. You will also be required to highlight the major findings of your work. Finally you will be required to state the various implications of the answers that arise from your results. The world limit for your abstract should be between 250- 350 words. The abstract should not contain references, abbreviations or any sort of diagrammatic illustrations.


Under this section you will be required to clearly establish the context of the work you are reporting. To achieve this you will fully discuss the primary research literature. Under this section you will be required to state the purpose of the whole work in form of problem, hypothesis or questions. In addition, you will also be required to explain the rationale and the approach your study will reveal.

Materials and methods

Here you will be required to clearly explain and show how you carried out your research. You will show the experimental design you used and why, the descriptions of the study site, the target element, the protocol of how you collected your data and how the data was analyzed.


You will be required to objectively present your crucial results without interpreting them, in an orderly and logical manner. You will use both texts and illustrative materials such as tables and figures.


The function of the discussion section is to effectively interpret the results you obtained. You do this in light of what was already known about the subject under investigation. You will also be required to explain the new understanding that arises from your results. The discussion and the introduction part will be linked by way of your hypotheses or literature you had cited.


This section will contain all that information that is not that important to understanding your paper but may serve as a form of clarification to some of the points not much highlighted in the paper.