When you cite interviews and personal communication, you have to list the name of the individual whom you interviewed or that individual whom you communicated with. Follow up the name with the interviewer’s name or recipient. Where possible, include information about the place where the interview was carried together with the date. However, personal communication like letter, face –to-face interviews and emails should only be cited within the text but do not include them in the bibliography. Only site published interviews, which can be book chapters or periodical articles.

Unpublished Interviews


  1. JonhYin (retired teacher) an interview on learning with the author, January 2015.
  2. MaryRoss, interview by Laurlyne A. Stinker, June 15, 2015, interview 42B, transcript.

Published or Broadcast Interviews


  1. James Muller, interview by Chris Forrest, Evergreen Café, 88.3 MHWG FM, May 20, 2014.


Muller James. Evergreen Café,.By Chris Forrest. 88.3MHWG FM,May 20, 2014.

Personal Communications

Personal communications are usually fully integrated within the text or contained within a note. They rarely appear as bibliographic entries. Email addresses or the like belonging to an individual are generally omitted, and should only be cited with permission of the owner.

Chicago style recommends that personal communication be wholly integrated in-text or be included in a note. Hardly are they included as bibliography entries.  Also do not include email addresses that belong to an individual. However, if they is need to cite them, then permission from the owner is required.


  1. Patrick Brownstone, email message to the author, March 19, 2014