Sample Essay on “I Am Who I Am”

God said, “I am who I am.” While this response sounds escapist, it has come to be the closest definition of what I believe I am. My name is John Geibel. I was born and brought up in Summit, New Jersey. From this town, I have grown to understand what life is. My conception of life and my identity have been greatly shaped by this town and my family. Being a first born in a family of four has also bestowed upon me responsibilities that assisted in shaping my identity. Consequently, I will try to identify myself in my own picture and what I believe other people believe I am. As mentioned above, I have always believed that I am […]

Personal Reflection: PowerPoint Presentation-Creation Process Essay Example

Preparing the power point presentation and the presentation itself was a big challenge, partly due to the challenge of compressing the content into something I can present in a few minutes, and partly because of the stage fright we all experience when speaking before a big and formal audience. PowerPoint Presentation-Creation Process Experience The presentation creation taught me a big lesson in regards to the different between writing for a reading audience and writing for a listening audience. Writing for a reading audience is, to me, stress free as the target audience has complete control on how to interact with the content in terms of interpretation and how to respond to arising questions. However, this is different for a listening […]

How To Write Deductive Essays: (Guide) With Example Topics

Are you stuck on how to write a deductive essay? Writing a good deductive essay requires one to use deductive reasoning in order to come up with a conclusion. The essay should guide the reader on the process used to draw the conclusion. In order to understand how to write a good deductive essay, we have broken down these article into:       TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction What is deductive essay? Most difficult section explained: What is logical cognitive process? Things you should deeply maintain while writing a deductive essay Basics of argument style for deductive essay How to write a killer deductive essay The formation Important factors of a deductive essay Topics for deductive essays Conclusion Introduction The deductive essay […]

How to Write a Critical Essay: A Perfect Guide For Students

Go through experts’ steps on how to write a critical essay, at the end you will be able to understand the main text,conduct research and write your own good critical essay.         TABLE OF CONTENT Definition of a Critical Essay? How to Write a Critical Essay Conduct your research Write Your Critical Essay Critical Essay Structure Edit Your Essay Critical Essay Help Definition of a Critical Essay? A critical essay is a paper that requires a text analysis. It can be an analysis of an article, a painting, a film, or even a book. The purpose of a critical essay is to provide an interpretation of a text. Some people think that you must always be negative when […]

Case Study: Reported Cases & Avoiding Plagiarism

The case of plagiarism is very difficult to act in defense towards. A popular case that was difficult to defend was the one that happened in 2003. The case was related to a New York Times journalist who was suspected to have stolen and developed stories that almost brought down a popular magazine known all around the globe. Jayson Blair was investigated and his case handled by well known legal advisers and the decision to unfold his career was made. Because of the embarrassment he brought to New York times, his Blair’s position as a journalist was scrapped. This introduced us to the concept that journalist just like education is founded on the principle of trust, originality and honesty because […]

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