Gun Control Essay: Crime Rates In Constitutional Carry States

This is an example argumentative essay on gun control and to answer the question do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates? This kind of argument can probably be found in opinion polls websites or in speech writing assignment at college level. Effects on Crime of Concealed Carry laws Every citizen has a right to self-defense. The constitution of America recognizes that every citizen has a right to use guns for self-protection.  The back-and-forth debate on carry gun laws has been ongoing for a while. For the most part, more and more states have relaxed restrictions on concealed carry laws. In essence, numerical evidence in favor of carry laws are pinned on lower rates […]

Polygraph Tests: The Truth Behind Lie Detectors

This sample essay on if a lie detector tests accurately determine truthful statements. Has been tailored to equip the student with right facts about polygraph test and truth behind lie detectors.  The content is well researched in order to avoid misconception about lie detectors. Without really wasting time lets roll it down. What is a Lie Detector? Lie detector tests are popularly used in criminal investigations and HR psychological recruitment. The name “lie-detector” which is synonymous to polygraph machine suggests that the lie detector machine can in essence detect lies. How Does a Lie Detector Work? A lie detector machine measures deception through analysis of psychological responses especially by inferring nervous excitements or responses through a series of structured but […]

Escape From Alcatraz Essay: Only Three Prisoners Managed

Read interesting facts about Alcatraz prison, this a sample college essay in regard to the question did anyone really escape Alcatraz? With a real facts on how three prisoners escaped namely; Clarence Anglin and his brother John Anglin together with Frank Morris you will get real facts that will help you write your own essay on the same topic Did Anyone Ever Escape Alcatraz? In its operational years Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay was renowned for being the ultimate fortress, the most secure prison in the country in which no one could escape. It is acknowledged that there have been severally attempts of escape from Alcatraz prison, though official reports state that most escape attempts from Alcatraz failed. For […]

Gamblers vs House in Casinos: Who has Statistical Advantage

Can gamblers acquire a statistical advantage over house in casinos? Many people who have enjoyed descent wins in casinos or are altogether addicted to gambling think that casino money is easy money. When you start thinking in that directions you need to keep on reading. Once you set foot in a casino, you may be a winner in the short run, but when you exchange your money for chips you have lost your only advantage which was altogether staying out of the casino. Casino can provide great food, show and entertainment, though statistically they won’t bring you much. The idea that is central to casino gaming is very simple; casinos generate money from the games because of underlying statistical advantage. […]

Ways Of Repelling Insects Effectively

Learn how to effectively and safely repel insects. This article has researched and reliable information that you can rely on to answer question regarding effective means of repelling insects. Any type of insect of course Are There  Effective Means of Repelling Insects? The war against bugs, mosquitoes, ticks and swarms of insects is quite irritating and bothersome. Insects buzzing around are really annoying especially during outdoor events; barbeque parties and other summer events. Are we feasting on the barbeque or are the swarms of insects feasting on me! I dread summer time! Meanwhile, of all the insects, mosquitoes are quite irritating. Apart from their bites they carry serious infections like West Nile fever, encephalitis and malaria. Research suggests that mosquitoes […]

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