History Essay: The Reign of Cleopatra

This sample history essay is all about Cleopatra, why was she important, her achievements as the last queen of Egypt, her biography, power, family and above all death. As student who want to excel in writing history essays, this example provides a well research facts  about the reign of Cleopatra that you ought to know. History Of The Ancient Egyptian Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt after removing Persian rule in 332 B.C for at least 300 years before it was annexed by Rome. At one point in time Ptolemaic Egypt was among the greatest power in the world. It expanded its territorial rule without much difficulty. But the Roman power eclipsed the kingdom for a long time. Including Rome into dynasties […]

Ancient Sailors Essay: Life at The Sea In 1600s

In the wake of the 16th century, the ancient art of navigation set its course aggressively in response to sea explorers who were determined out there to find landmarks, locations of their adventurous discoveries as well as establish routes linking their new land discoveries and their home. In essence, the beginning of the two decades of the 16th century, ancient sailors saw the aggressive application of astronomy and mathematics to navigate. About four thousand years ago, the Phoenicians became the first ancient sailors to have developed the art of navigation at sea. These ancient sailors achieved their missions of navigation through primitive charts and relying on the sun and the star to establish their directions. Nevertheless, the ancient sailors relayed […]

Essay On Black Hole Formation

What Are Black Holes? A black hole is a field in space that exhibits very strong gravitational pull that nothing not even electromagnetic particles or light can pass from it. Strong gravitational pull occurs as a result of matter that has been pressed into a tiny space. How are black holes formed? Typically, an ordinary black hole is formed by specific stars that are dying. A star that is about 20 times massive than the sun may produce a black hole at the end of its life, essentially, black holes are not invisible because light cannot  penetrate from them. In essence, black holes are invisible because of strong gravitational pull that is pulling all the light into the center of […]

Life of a Gladiator Research Paper During The Roman Empire

During the Roman empire the life of gladiator was a lavish one as better than that of an ancient Rome. They were provided all types of foods, baths and treated. All their energy was geared towards fighting each other. History of Gladiators The word gladiator is derived from the Latin word gladius. This is the meaning for the short sword used in battle by gladiators. In the Roman army, this sword was equally used by soldiers. The use of this sword was primarily to please the crowd. For those who have watched gladiator games, we tend to relate the life of gladiators with brutality, blood and gore but the question is; is this the real story behind the gladiator characters. […]

Vaccination Essay: Benefits Vs Risks Of Vaccines

This an essay sample that demonstrates benefits vs risks of vaccinations. Based on well researched statistics it can be concluded that vaccines benefits outweigh risks. This article is well structured health subject content tailored by our in house healthcare papers writing service department that can be of much importance to students undertaking nursing and health courses. In essence, the ongoing debate on vaccinations is far from over, multiple parties including religious and political bodies have long debated on the risks versus the benefits of vaccination following high contention, vaccinations have been a subject of recent campaigns from both Republicans and Democrats, who despite their differences roughly form a consensus about preventive health benefits of some vaccines like the measles, mumps […]

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