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All About video games discussion

Video games have been largely associated with violence and this is the area where most research has garnered its attention to. Many murders among teens have been motivated or rather inspired by mere video games that have immense violence in them.

With this,

It has become evident that there is an urgent need to understand the basic elements of video games that could be causing such strike and mayhem.

  • What causes video games to draw so much attention from the public in relation to violence and have the public leave our certain facts of having video games increase performance and cognition?
  • Why are the latter elements of video games not touched?
  • Would it be right if we banned video games?
  • Would it be an ultimate solution?
  • Or would it cause the case of violence to be more mature?

Elements that connect violence to video games

  1. Morality

Generally, there is a moral decay in values in the present decade because of cynicism and materialism that is associated with taking so much time playing video games. Therefore, a larger percentage of the public has ended up losing their morals which has an influence on individuals becoming desensitized to violence.

  1. Addiction

Addiction is explained with reference to alcoholism, chemical dependency or substance abuse that causes video game players to become more addicted to what is replicated in these video games. This has caused instructors to take a new route to this research by asking students to find out the link between violent video games and addiction.

  1. Psychological

There has been an inconclusive amount of evidence suggesting the relationship between psychological factors such as being a control freak, low self-esteem and masculine fantasies developed when people come into contact with video games.

  1. Social

Very many teenagers who have less affinity to social groups spend most of their time indoors playing video games. For this reason, it is worth looking into the fact of how much antisocial behavior can be caused by spending too much time playing video games.

Very many studies have connected video games to violent behavior although there is still more room for research to concentrate on other areas that might be causal links to violent behavior. There you go, Imagine your instructor has assigned you a research paper on video games and you do not have this understanding, how will you go about it?

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