Case study template What makes a successful case study?

You can tell a successful case study just by looking at the flow. Every successful case study must follow a particular Case Study template design for it to be considered brilliant.

Tips : 6  Basics A bout  A case study template ;

  • Relates the problem to a practical solution. For instance, applying the knowledge and ideas discussed in the coursework to a real life situation that reflects the problem in the case study.
  • Identifies the issues
  • Selection of major problems within the case
  • Suggesting solutions to the major problems identified in the case
  • Recommend the perfect solution that could be implemented in the case
  • Write down details of how the solution can be implemented

This is a case study template that all students must follow to have a successful case study research.

What is a case study?

Basically, a case study can be defined as an in depth analysis of a certain situation or problem instead of sweeping through some statistics. A case study is a method that is used to narrow down a field of research that is very broad into a single and easy topic that can be researched.

A case study could be the answer to a the research question completely but it acts to provide answers to the case study questions by giving some indications and permitting further hypothesis and elaboration of the subject in research. A case study design is necessary in testing scientific models and theories present in real world.

The nature of writing a case study

Writing a case study is not the same as writing  homework or an assignment. Writing a case study is generally difficult and such kind of task can make the experience of students in college very difficult and strenuous. This is why we believe you need help from a professional who have experience in writing case studies. When talking about a case study template, you must take into consideration that there are eight sections to a case study and all these eight sections must appear in your case study.

  • Exectuve summary/synopsis
  • Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation
  • References
  • Appendices

Very many times, instructors present students which such kinds of assignments not considering the problems faced by students because instructors are interested in making the work with the pace of the society.

When students are presented with assignments, they are given a fixed time to present all these assignments back to their instructors and because of the lack of time, they submit flawed and incomplete work which results to bad grades and complete failures. Because of such unpleasant conditions, we believe that students need some kind of support and help from trusted professionals who can help them deliver quality write ups.

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